ProJekt Ubuntu, South Africa

Ignited by drums, giant puppets and dance, this ritual of reconciliation was initiated by 40 artists from the townships. 1500 people, mostly privileged, gathered for this collective ritual of renewal in the Karoo Desert.

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Dancing Without Borders is a creative leadership company that works with citizens, visionaries, artists and healers to wake up our community spaces and our collective genius by offering extraordinary experiences that transform your perspective of life forever. 



2000 women and men from all over the world, gathered together to share a dream of feminine and masculine power coming into balance. Women embodied the earth goddess symbolizing the qualities of nurturing, connection to the land and unconditional love while men created a circle of protection in the form of a serpent, symbolizing transformation, wisdom and collective healing. The ritual took place at Boom Festival in August 2014 in Portugal. 


August 8th, 2014, Boom Festival 

Dancing Without Borders will be producing Indigenae, a community art ritual engaging 1000s from 147 countries in voice, body and movement for an historical moment in time. Together, participants will send a prayer in the shape a of a giant Goddess captured from the sky and spread virally.

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