In Support of the One Billion Rising Movement

Photography and Doc celebrating Cultural Reconciliation

Featuring 2012 Projekt Ubuntu, Africa Burn, South Africa.

Aerial Art by Spectral Q. Photo by Simon Hazell. 

Dance Videos, Aerial Photography and Doc invoking a 100% Renewable Energy Future

Featuring the COP21 in Paris, COP22 in Marrakech and the World Social Summit in Montreal.

Photo by Spectral Q

COP21, Paris, 2018

Photo above by Spectral Q / Yann Arthus-Bertrand

An international group of approximately 350 change-agents gathered on December 06, 2015 to join an aerial art ritual as part of the COP 21 Climate Change Conference in Paris. This piece aimed at expressing a commitment of cross-cultural solidarity for a 100% renewable energy future. The photography became the iconic image of the conference and spread virally through online and traditional media. It was prominently featured in the NY Times, Le Monde and many more. This was one of the first public demonstration allowed in wake of the terror attack that occurred just weeks before in the city.

COP 22, Marrakech, Morroco, 2016

Film by Magalie Bonneau

Produced by / Une production de Dancing Without Borders

GLOBAL CLIMATE ACTION SUMMIT, San Francisco, September 2018

On the eve of the Global Climate Action Summit, environmental advocates, youth, local community leaders and Indigenous people from around the world converged at Crissy Field, under the iconic Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Together, participants created a large-scale aerial art image as they were immersed into an avant-garde musical journey.

The experience was meant to convey that honoring Indigenous Rights by Standing for Climate Justice is key to a truly 100% Renewable Energy Future.

Special thanks to all of our partners who made this event possible

Greenpeace | Amazon Watch | Guardians of the Forest | Climate Action Network | Pachamama Alliance | The Climate Ribbon | Planting Justice | Thrive Street Choir | Evolution Juice | Impact Hub Oakland  | San Francisco Department of the Environment | World Team | Invoking the Pause | Lush Charity Pot | MindTravel | The Shift Network | MaMuse I Aaron Ableman I Esme Olivia of Dancing Earth  | Shugar Magic Foundation | Beehive Collective Namaste Foundation & Friends

Film by Teena Pugliese, Produced by Dancing Without Borders & Spectral Q



From Boom Festival, Portugal to Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree.

Aerial Photography by Spectral Q. Ritual Performance, Film and Creative Production by Dancing Without Borders

In the face of an intense time of drought in California, 300 participants joined this creative ritual to call in the protection of water.  And then, a series of powerful synchronicities unfolded under our eyes. During the ritual, an intense fire started raging in Lake County in Northern California, destroying thousands of homes including Harbin Hot Springs. The next day, it rained from Northern to Southern California. This was the first rain in over 6 months!

Dance Videos and Doc standing for Economic Justice

Inspired by the Occupy Movement

Photography Amplifying the Voices of the Indigenous People of Brazil

At the 2012 Earth Summit (Rio+20) Brazil Dancing Without Borders supported the ritualistic aspect of the creative action. Aerial Art by Spectral Q 

Photograph to Raise Awareness on Preserving Whale Sanctuaries

2012 International Whaling Commission, Panama
Creative action to promote Whale Sanctuaries in the South Pacific. Photo by Spectral Q.

Creative action aiming at promoting whale sanctuaries in the South Pacific.

Photo by Spectral Q. Dancing Without Borders supported with civic engagement through the arts.

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